Chikmagalur, India

Woddaegudda Plantations

Size: Large
Elevation: 2600 – 4000 feet
Soil: Red laterite
Arabica: 51%
Robusta: 49%

Sathyanarayana Plantations

Size: Large
Elevation: 2900 – 3700 feet
Soil: Red Black Clay
Arabica: 62%
Robusta: 38%

Sai Ashirward Plantations

Size: Medium
Elevation: 2500 – 3100 feet
Soil: Black Clay Sandy
Robusta: 100%

Balekhan Plantations

Size: Medium
Elevation: 2600 – 4000 feet
Soil: Red Laterite
Arabica: 5%
Robusta: 95%

Urubage Plantations

Size: Medium
Elevation: 3000 – 3500 feet
Soil: Red Laterite
Arabica: 10%
Robusta: 90%

Modena, Italy

Montecuccoli degli Erri

Dr. Dante Cagliari’s current residence – Castle Montecucuccoli degli Erri – is now synonymous with his own brand of coffee. Built in 1490, the castle has since served as home to the royal Montecuccoli family. In 1600, it even hosted the wedding of Nicolò Rangoni (Lord of Modena and Spilamberto) and Bianca Bentivoglio; an event that is considered one of Modena’s most opulent and historic. Today, the castle stands as a symbol of the tradition and heritage with which Dante continues his 4th generation legacy of coffee roasting.