Chikmagalur, India

Overlooking Muthodi forest, our coffee roastery at Chikmagalur performs at world class standards. Constructed on a 3 acre site – on the periphery of Chikmagalur town – the 15,000 square feet roastery is built in consultation with Dr. Dante Cagliari. Modelled after his own infrastructure in Modena, the Chikmagalur plant operates on some of the best Italian coffee technology.
Our Chikmagalur roastery is fully automated, eliminating human contact completely, from the time coffee beans are fed into the roasting machine via a vaccum system. Once the roasting process is complete, the coffee beans are conveyed pneumatically to the packaging machines using state-of-the-art ‘roots blowers’. It ensures that air used in this process is free from dust and moisture and thereby retains coffee quality.



At an output of 180kg/batch, the Petroncini roaster employs traditional shape. A heat production unit – incorporated into the machine body and outer cooling tank – allows for perfect adjustment of combustion. This optimizes thermal yield and the quality of the air destined for the roasting process.



The Campagnolo machine forms the packaging from a film roll to keep hygiene at the highest level possible. This ‘fill, form & seal machine’ comes customized for us with a special valve applicator. By fitting degassing valves on all packaging, it ensures coffee stays fresh by allowing the coffee to breathe from inside while preventing contact with air from outside.




The OPEM capsuling instrument works at blinding speeds, manufacturing the signature Seven Beans capsuled coffee at a rate of 100 capsules per minute. Manufactured by OPEM – the world’s leading manufacturer of food processing machinery – this capsuling machine runs fully automated, producing coffee of the highest possible quality.

Modena, Italy

Outfitted with the finest machinery to aid his vision, the roastery at Modena is where Dante has unveiled the secrets behind his own line of exquisite coffees. At a production capacity of 120 – 150 tonnes per month, this plant has undergone (and continues to undergo) mindful upgrades, allowing it to produce the amazing coffees that the world knows and loves.
The Modena roastery houses a total of 15 storage silos (9 for green coffee and 6 for roasted; both varieties measuring in at a capacity of 60 tonnes each). A custom built destoner, calibrated to only lift beans of a specific density, is used in conveyance of the roasted coffee. The roastery also possesses 3 filling machines (for coffee beans and ground coffee) to fill tins of every recognizable quantity; from 250 grams to 3 kilograms. An additional machine is used to seal these coffee tins.



A fully automatic roaster, the STA Roasting Machine is connected to silos storing green coffee and roasted coffee as well. The interlinking provides for a process that is continuous and churns out 240 kgs of roasted coffee every 18 mins. In spite of being a fully automated system, it is operated manually at certain points in roasting process. This manual control to time the roasting, adjusts for the fact that coffee produce may not always possess identical humidity values. This ensures that each batch of roasted coffee is the best quality that it can be.


At a miniscule capacity of 10 kg/batch the Vittoria Roasting Machine is used exclusively for roasting the highest grade of gourmet coffees. Subsequently, the coffee produced rivals the best brews from around the world.



The two Campagnolo packaging machines in use are fitted with one way valve applicators. The customized fitting allows the machines to fit degassing valves on all packaging, thereby allowing the coffee to breathe from inside without coming into contact with air from outside.