"Mishta" Medium Roast, Single Origin Monsooned Malabar Blend, Gourmet Indian Coffee

A sweet, delicate-bodied coffee with a bright after taste. Mishta was born sweet and delicate but has a few surprises up its sleeve! An intense aroma soon gives way to sweet notes with a bright finish. The exotic nuances of the Monsooned Malabar are best enjoyed black, however we must admit that adding a dash of milk does bring out a smooth, buttery caramel flavour.  

         Coffee: Monsooned Malabar, Arabica & Robusta
         Roast: Medium
         Pairing: Confectionary & desserts
         Notes: Blueberry & Burnt Caramel

  • Rainforest Coffee: Our high quality Indian coffee beans are directly sourced from SHADE-GROWN South-Indian coffee farms. Our farms do not encroach on or disturb natural ecology, instead they exist in perfect symbiotic harmony among the plethora of naturally occurring flora & fauna.
  • MONSOONED MALABAR: This specialty coffee of India was discovered, as most awesome things are, by chance! When the British were transporting coffee from India to Britain by sea, the raw coffee beans were exposed to the south-west monsoon for over 3 months. The beans absorbed the excess moisture, swelled up to twice their normal size and this changed the intrinsic characteristics of the beans."Mishta" has been created with the "goldilocks" ratio of Monsooned Malabar that makes it "jusssst right!"
  • Dr. Dante Cagliari: Our Rockstar Roastmaster is quintessentially Italian, a connoisseur of gourmet Italian coffee and the man behind our pursuit of blending perfection! His 4th generation legacy and 50 years of personal experience in coffee roasting ensures that every blend is, simply put, "bella"!
  • Roast: This bag of heavenly low acidic Indian ground coffee is a perfect medium roast coffee, allowing the subtle nuances of these coffee grounds to be enjoyed to the fullest..
  • The Real Deal: We sow, grow, pick, process, grade, blend, roast, grind, package and deliver our coffee OURSELVES. Enough said!
  • Rs. 400.00
  • Rs. 550.00
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