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  • This coffee is close to perfect! As I opened my package the aroma of the coffee made me really happy! This is the best coffee I have had so far and I highly recommend it to all of you! I shared my coffee with friends and colleagues they all were at high praise for it.

    Dr. Apoorva Sharma - Arabica Medium Roast

  • This is one of the best coffee out there. Strong aroma. 2 scoop makes 1 cup of strong coffee or about 1.5 cups of medium strength coffee. Good for espresso, moka pot. Good for latte, cappuccino or any other espresso based preparation. I didn't find it bitter for the particular taste it provides. It may not please those who love strong black coffee but for normal coffee with milk and sugar, it's one of the best out there. I loved this. The aroma is heavenly. I recommend it for every coffee lover.

    Sam - Arabica Medium Roast

  • The good - This is a nice strong coffee. After brewing in French Press for about six minutes or so, the colour is quite dark. The taste is smooth and watery. As most French Press, it leaves a little silt at the bottom.

    Amit Sareen - Arabica Medium Roast

  • EKA is the first blend of coffee I have tried from Seven Beans. This is 100% coffee with no additives and by looking at the colour of the grind it looks like a medium roast . Before going for the taste notes, a special mention to its packaging, very beautiful and appealing overall almost makes you want to look at it every time you brew the coffee. The grounded coffee has a strong smell of wood and a faint hint of warm biscuits and is quite strong the moment you open the packet. The grind, although a bit fine, works well with a drip coffee maker and gives a nice cup which smells of biscuits with a maybe a note of citrus. The brewed coffee has a nice body to it, very balanced and rounded. Slurping through the cup, it is evident that the coffee ain't too acidic but bright enough to be noticed and goes down very smoothly. It has a noticeable dark-smooth texture in the beginning, slightly sweet notes and very flat overall in a very pleasant way. It finishes with a lingering smoothness and very faint undertones of citrus. This coffee is perfect for a morning brew and bound to be consumed everyday

    Nikhil - Eka

  • I just love the flavor and it's perfectly strong for me. It came with a letter from the manufacturer, which added a personal touch to the purchase and some connection to those who made it.

    Oxana DCosta - Eka

  • This single origin coffee is an experience not just shoulder to shoulder with the best of single origin coffees, but surely a notch above. Perfect packaging, prompt delivery and a personal note from the company, makes it a great choice. The delicate smooth bodied taste is awesome. Honestly, I can't stop with just one cup in the morning. Thank you Dr Cagliari.

    B. Sudhakar Shenoy - EKA

  • Great strong taste without being too powerful and still smooth and balanced . I use it to make ice coffee when I ever I feel homesick (I'm from coffee-addicted America, currently living in India) and it came out excellent. I've tried the CCD coffee and it definitely does not compare to this. This coffee even beats Starbucks coffee, hands down. If your a foreigner living in India desperate for some good coffee (or an Indian looking for good coffee), definitely give this a try!

    Maria Zelada - Urja

  • My new favorite! I drink coffee every morning so I know when I have a good cup of coffee.It smells so good and tastes even better! The coffee has a smooth taste, very rich and full of flavor. This coffee tastes great as a cold brew.I would definitely recommend it for coffee lovers.

    Lyuba P - Urja

  • My favourite coffee! The ideal blend for my taste and the perfect pick-me-up every morning. Thanks, Seven Beans! Great product. Never disappointed.

    Anisha S - Urja

  • Excellent brew, Highly recommended, Flavour of higher side, Strength medium

    Afroni - Mishta

  • Came across this brew two years ago, since then it's my constant.. i prefer the MISHTA brew for french press, this is after trying out the other roasts by sevenbeans.

    Arunima Poulose - Mishta

  • As a coffee connoisseur I must say, this is a great blend of coffee. Hits the spot!

    P Thomas - Mishta

  • I am in love with this product , before this i tried so many costly brands just to have my desired flavour of black coffee , unfortunately no other brand gave me such satisfaction . I tried so many foreign brands as well , but no luck . Once i was out of coffee at my place , so i thought of searching good D-caf in Amazon , considering the review of this product i ordered the mini pack of this product just to give it a try , what else ? Since then i am using only this product.I don't need to order any expensive brands any more , i am not dependent on other person to get me a nice coffee from abroad. Since then i am introducing this product to all my friends , so that they can also get to know the perfect taste of it . I am simply obsessed with this product . This is LOVE.

    Richa Malhotra - Arabica Dark Roast

  • This coffee has impressed me, Dark roast, fresh, excellent after taste, a craving to go back to the coffee

    Uttara - Arabica Dark Roast

  • A wonderful dark roast, for those who like an intense coffee(a 9 intensity on a scale of 1-10). Superb earthy flavour yet doesn’t taste overly bitter or powdery. Like all dark roasts is definitely acidic, so goes best with a dash of milk Espresso only for the coffee braves

    A - Arabica Dark Roast

  • We're switching immediately. This is truly great filter coffee with a unique, delightful flavour, and an absolute steal for the price. Fantastic stuff, Seven Beans Coffee Company!

    Santosh Rajkumar - Urubage Dark Roast

  • Finally the taste of Bangalore coffee comes home. After experimenting with different blends of filter coffee, finally a coffee that that tastes like the coffee found in the street side coffee shops in Bangalore. The perfect taste is achieved not by fine Arabica coffee alone but a mix of Arabica, Robusta and also 20% Chicory. I use an espresso machine so need to regrind the coffee to make it finer. It is also well priced.

    Sandy - Urubage Dark Roast

  • I have always preferred drinking Americano (black coffee) as it brings the most of the coffee flavor, aroma...& I must say the quality of this dark roasted coffee is superb and top quality product. Along with this product, I received a hand signed personalized letter which adds to a sweet gesture that this Company cares for their customers :) :) .... The packaging was awesome.. . & The coffee taste is so Italian that I am awestruck to experience such a thing from this Indian Company.. Their efforts are really showing up in the quality they are providing.. ...... Go & buy it Asap.

    Priyanka - Urubage Dark Roast