Building on the legacy of 4 generations, and with over 50 years of experience in everything coffee, Dr. Dante Cagliari is revered as one of Italy’s premier roastmasters. His artisan experience in crafting custom coffee blends is unrivalled and celebrated in 36 nations across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Now, with Seven Beans Coffee Company, his life’s work makes a long awaited foray into Indian coffee cups.

Hailing from century old legacies, both entities of the Seven Beans partnership – Indian coffee planters and Italian roasters - possess a rich understanding of their respective trades. And in our union arises an unparalleled expertise in the A-Z of coffee.

Every bean employed in the creation of Seven Beans coffee is grown on our independently owned plantations in Chikmagalur. And because we only grow the highest grade coffee that’s exactly what you’re assured from our stable of gourmet brews.

Roasting techniques and machinery used in crafting Seven Beans coffee are 100% Italian. It all adds up to coffee that is unmistakably and characteristically Italian, in every way.

Our roasting process is fully automated from start to finish – from the time green coffee beans are fed into the machinery till it is packaged – eliminating the error associated with human contact. High end technology used in pneumatic conveyance completely eliminates contact with air and maximizes the quality of Seven Beans Coffee.

Seven Beans Coffee Company is amongst the first to employ capsule manufacture in India. The technology is designed to fully eliminate contact with air and maximize the coffee’s flavour by keeping the grind and extraction of coffee consistently perfect. The one-of-a-kind capsule dosing machine is high precision and calibrated to guarantee every cup of coffee dispensed is quite simply the best you’ll ever have.

His Touch. Our Hands