Brew Guide

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Contrary to popular belief, great coffee is determined – not by a particular method of preparation – but by managing the myriad factors affecting it before preparation. And at Seven Beans Coffee Company, we’re all about great tasting coffee.

It begins with a selection of the right green coffee, an attentive curing process, and storage of the cured beans at optimum moisture levels. After our signature roasting practices, we facilitate a process that encourages the freshly roasted beans to fully mature. Here onwards air, light, moisture and heat that have the most effect on a coffee (in that order, specifically). Thanks to the technology and a fully automated process, exposure to these degenerative elements are kept to a minimum.

We understand that coffee, like wine, lives and breathes up until the moment it’s consumed. By overseeing the entire process – from bean to cup – we elevate the potential of our coffee so that it may do the same for you.

Brew Methods

Steps to Cold Brew coffee
Steps to French Press coffee
Steps to Moka pot coffee
Steps to Pour Over coffee
Steps to South Indian Filter coffee