Dr. Dante Cagliari.

Coffee is second nature to Dr. Dante Cagliari. Widely regarded as one of Europe’s top roast masters, his is a highly sought after expertise. Sharing his craft in over 60 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas, has often come by way of clients approaching him – not the other way around. His prominence is further illustrated in the numerous invitations to address universities and coffee symposiums across Europe and Brazil. Today, we are privy to all of Dante’s wisdom and foresight by way of his exclusive partnership with Seven Beans Coffee Company. In addition to developing our signature coffee blends and overseeing production technique, his invaluable insight and knowledge of coffee culture helps steer our direction as a collective. As a result of this instrumental alliance with Dr. Cagliari, coffee is now second nature to Seven Beans Coffee Company too.Click here to know more about Caffe L'Antico